#opnaskanangel - Reasons create results - Nick Findler

#opnaskanangel - Reasons create results - Nick Findler

Talk Takeaways
Nick Findler, the CEO and founder of GoPublic.AI, talks with Jeffery Potvin about the hustle mentality and how this fueled his endevours. He shares what it takes to be an entrepreneur, his experience, and how persistence will get you to your goals. Nick also takes us on how GoPublic.AI helps companies get the funding they need and go public.

Over the past decade, Nick has advised and helped raise over $58M for growth companies and has been involved in structuring 20+ IPOs/RTOs in the public markets (primarily the TSX & CSE) and multiple private exits.

Nick is the CEO and Founder of GoPublic.AI, a fin-tech, go-public investment bank that unites world-changing businesses with $1M-$50M of growth capital, shell vehicles, and know-how to go public.

Mr. Findler also sits on the board of Plantable Health Inc. Plantable is the first plant-based program that is clinically proven to transform human health easily, sustainably, and enjoyably – all in 28 days. Plantable is currently active in 4 clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Johns Hopkins, and Weill Cornell to prove its effectiveness in reducing chronic diseases by lowering inflammation, cholesterol, blood sugar, and altering gene expression.

Nick is also the president and co-founder of Grantus.ca, a company that enables Canadian entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and not-for-profits to access government funding.

Nick is deeply fueled by human connection. Through his lens, there is nothing more important and impactful than the deepening of relationships and he believes this is the backbone for a successful and happy life as well as business endeavors.

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