#opnaskanangel - Reaching out to investors - Imogen Aaronson

#opnaskanangel - Reaching out to investors - Imogen Aaronson

Talk Takeaways
Imogen Aaronson, the founder of IMO-GINE, reflects on her consultancy experience, her goals, and her own roadmap in the startup world. She shared insights on branding how important it is for the business to understand and define in order to get their message across. Imogen also shared her investment process and how she likes to be passionately involved with people that have a purpose.

With +7years of experience in the tech and venture capital world, living between London and New York, Imogen’s passion and drive never changed. Building brands, businesses, and communities, all with a real connection and purpose.

This is what led Imogen Aaronson to launch IMO-GINE.

She truly believes from her experiences, that the power in business, but also in life, is making the right connections that form those long-term, organic, “feel-good” relationships.

IMO-GINE was created to not only build good “relationships” but to find and form an essential bond. To activate the “divine-soul perspective”.
She loves to work with passionate people, entrepreneurs and founders with a drive to make a difference.

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