#opnaskanangel - Mentors - Don Pare

#opnaskanangel - Mentors - Don Pare

Talk Takeaways
Don Paré, Sensei and Chair for RVC Inc., sat down with (JP) Jeffery Potvin to talk about startup pitches, valuation, and mentorship. He also shares stories on successful startup launches and the investment process they take in RVC Inc.

Mr. Paré’s passion is to launch entrepreneurs towards funding and success. He has a consistent track record that both investors and entrepreneurs have come to rely upon. He has hit multiple home runs, himself, with exits between 700-1700 ROI for the early investors. Mr. Pare is a Keynote Speaker on strategic planning and evolving funding modalities. He speaks from experience not from an academic perspective and is often called to turn companies around or assess them using his proven innovative valuation and pivot strategy models. He can be reached for help at 780-973-3299

Mr. Paré has over 40 years of experience with high technology companies and end-user departments, holding various executive roles including Chairman, CEO, President, V.P. Operations, V.P. Sales and Marketing, General Manager, VP partners and channels, Development and Marketing Manager, Minority Shareholder and Active Director.

From 2001 till present , Mr Pare has helped over 70 companies with their strategy, funding and launches to an outstanding 95% success rate. He is an international speaker on Crowd Funding and an expert with Angel funding. He sits on a number of Boards as a mentor to the executives. He participated in the Launch of an effective and massive program in chile to create almost 1500 new start-ups every year to deliver 100,000s of new jobs. He believes such a program can make a big difference in Alberta during these tough times.

From 1998 to 2001, Mr. Paré was President and CEO at MessagingDirect, where he raised over 18 million dollars in start-up funding and boosted the company to #1 growth firm in Edmonton’s high technology sector. Although the company was 800,000 in the red when Mr. Paré joined, he later merged it with a very large US Banking Firm for over 75 million CDN. Shareholders saw their investments grow by manifold during a time where the market was depressed.

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