#opnaskanangel Kevin Monserrat - The best people look for equity

#opnaskanangel Kevin Monserrat - The best people look for equity

Talk Takeaways
Kevin Monserrat talks about the iterative approach they take in Consilience Ventures in helping startups raise funds through microfinancing.

Kevin Monserrat – former Head of Ecosystem of Microsoft Scale Up Europe. Kevin holds a Master’s Degree in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship from INSEEC Business School, France. Additional expanded studies were upheld in the Master’s program at the University of New England, Australia as well.

Born in France on March 25, 1988; Kevin made a grand accomplishment at the early age of 14 yrs. old, winning the French National Boxing Championship. Afterwards, he went on to serve as one of France’s youngest Fireman one year later. In 2006, Kevin was appointed to Aix-en-Provence, France’s largest Fire Station. This station responds to an average of over 200 emergency incidents per month, providing Kevin with over 400 answered incidents over the duration.

Kevin had to overcome personal tragedies at a young age, which taught him how to be highly resilient and independent. His professional development stems from this, and is coupled with his international experience (living and working in United Kingdom, USA, and Australia). This collaboration has made him an excellent Ambassador for Junior Chamber International; where he has held posts as Active Challenge Member and online Marketing Consultant.

Kevin is also a passionate spokesman of Immigration challenges, where he recently supported the Maltese Government in Malta. The success of the Erasmus Plus project was based on Kevin’s ability to decipher situations and bring together; certain teams in order and begin to discuss solutions.

Kevin developed a positive reputation with the Private Equity / Hedge Funds, such as Global Alternative Investment Manager (GAIM) and Alternative investment (CAIA) and helped to identify problems and recognize solutions.

Kevin continues to enjoy sports, particularly gym, fitness and mentoring startups from LBS, Oxford, HEC. In summary, Kevin has reviewed 700+ start-ups and mentored over 40 scale-ups in both marketing and fundraising strategy.

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