#opnaskanangel Karl E. Sigerist - Customer Validation

#opnaskanangel Karl E. Sigerist - Customer Validation

Talk Takeaways
Karl Sigerist talks about his entrepreneurial background, the business lifecycle, customer validation, coaching, and the importance of vision and culture in driving startup success.

Serving as an Advisor to founders, entrepreneurs, chief executives, mentoring recent business school graduates & newly immigrated executives.
Seeking board governance roles and advisory work aiding founders and business owners through strategic and financial decisions.
Pioneering and experienced technology and financial service executive. Leading, innovating and building multiple high-performing teams that scaled to grow 80X assets 25X revenues and 18X earnings.
Proudest accomplishments include being a founding member of 5 privately-owned start-ups, 2 start-up business units within the public company environment, having led turnarounds of 3 Canadian and 1 European subsidiary of a public company.
Having built cultures and led teams that achieved Growth 500 status for 5 consecutive years and Top 100 Small & Medium Enterprise Employer honours for 2 consecutive years.

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