#opnaskanangel - Kae Huynh - Global Scalability

#opnaskanangel - Kae Huynh - Global Scalability

Talk Takeaways
Jeffery and Kae Huynh, also known as the EnterpriseGuy, talked about the interesting world of finance. Gain insights on angel investment as the new asset class, the inner workings of the investment market, equity cap tables, web 3.0, and private market investing. Kae also shares the investment model he takes, his preferred verticals, and how he personally reach out to startups to build his personal ecosystem.

Active Enterprise Software Investor & Economic Chess Player.

➀ Angel Investor & Startup Advisory – Support on Go-To-Market, Network/Introductions, Investors, Funding, Systems Integrators & more!

➀ Commercial Real Estate Investing – Cash flow investing in CRE projects that range from 5M-25M

➀ Debt Sourcing – I have referral partnerships that can help source private debt facilities of $20M+ for businesses without having to be credit worthy entities.

➀ Investment Lecturer – Generating investment ideas weekly!

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