#opnaskanangel - Jim Horowitz - Investing: Voting with your money

#opnaskanangel - Jim Horowitz - Investing: Voting with your money

Talk Takeaways
Jim Horowitz, manager of Beresford Ventures, reflected on some of his early investments and the lessons he took along the way. He shared his personal insights on fraud, the importance of due diligence, and the interesting process they take as a ledger fund.

Jim Horowitz is an investor in and advisor to startups. Founder of Beresford Ventures, a pre-seed fund which has invested in over 70 startups across sectors. Invested in a total of 250 new ventures directly, as an LP in a dozen VC funds, through Beresford Ventures, and on various crowd-funding sites.

Mentor at Endless Frontier Labs. Endless Frontier Labs is a nine-month program at NYU’s Stern Business School focused on transforming breakthrough science into high-growth businesses.
Mentors are business development experts, and offer strategic advice and connections while working alongside groups of investors, scientists, and MBA consultants to support startup founders.

Associate at Creative Destruction Lab, a non-profit accelerator program in Canada, England, France and the US.

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