#opnaskanangel Jerome Curry - MVP: Mentorship, Vision, Passion

#opnaskanangel Jerome Curry - MVP: Mentorship, Vision, Passion

Talk Takeaways
Jerome Curry, CEO of Platform Capital Group, sits down with Jeffery Potvin to talk about risks. How important it is for founders to mitigate risks and how de-risking your business makes it more investor-friendly. He also shared his five-step process on how a startup can draw more investors in. He talked about the difference between passion and vision, and how grit plays a major role in many successful companies.

As a Venture Capitalist and John Maxwell Certified Corporate Trainer, Jerome specializes in developing innovative strategies that assist organizations in raising capital and optimizing start-up company growth.

Jerome also has held his Series 6 and Series 63 investment license and holds the privilege of coaching and training inside for several start-up industries including SAAS, FINTECH, and EDTECH.

Platform Capital Group is dedicated to aiding underrepresented tech founders raise capital and achieve their goals.

Jerome has facilitated multiple, leadership management, and investment related workshops. These topics include Money Management, Change Management, e, Understanding Venture Capital, and Team Development.

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