#opnaskanangel Guillaume Kloof - When is tech expertise important?

#opnaskanangel Guillaume Kloof - When is tech expertise important?

Talk Takeaways
Listen to Guillaume Kloof as he shares the importance of product /market fit and his mission to help entrepreneurs succeed through his accelerator program.

Guillaume has shown great insight in helping, especially early stage startups with getting their product/market fit. With more than 40% of startups failing due to them not having a product/market fit, Guillaume is dedicated to help his fellow entrepreneur.
This drive has led him to setting up his own accelerator program that aims to help startups and investors alike. While many programs focus on one stage of startups, we are able to help early stage and later stage startups, through our multiple partnerships. Our program helps with the following:

Finding and maintaining a product/market fit for new and/or existing products/services
Increasing market share
Increase the valuation (especially relevant for investors)
Increase the conversion rates for sales
Running a lean and efficient business
Establishing lucrative partnerships
Etc, etc.

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