#opnaskanangel - Follow your industry news - Brian Hunter

#opnaskanangel - Follow your industry news - Brian Hunter

Talk Takeaways
Brian Hunter, President of North Spring Capital Partners, talked about his background and how their private equity fund transitioned from acquisition financing to angel investing. Brian also touched on various topics such as debt and equity financing, M&A, and angel investing.

Following a 30 years career in providing debt and equity financing to hundreds of businesses in Southern Ontario with Roynat Capital, Canada’s leading private merchant bank, Brian Hunter co-founded NorthSpring Capital Partners.

Brian was awarded Golden Triangle Angel Network’s Angel of the Year award for 2017 in recognition of his active leadership in multiple due diligences and successful investments.

In 2014 he was named a Paul Harris Fellow for 20 years of service to the Kitchener-Conestoga Rotary Club including acting as President and as Chairman of the club’s major fundraisers which raised nearly $1 million for local and international causes.

Brian earned his BA in Economics and his MBA from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario.

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