#opnaskanangel - Creative Fearlessness - Chris Carder

#opnaskanangel - Creative Fearlessness - Chris Carder

Talk Takeaways
Chris Carder distills creative fearlessness and shares personal stories on the hustles he took to grow his startup. Understand his process as an investor and his unique approach in overcoming entrepreneurial challenges.

Chris Carder is a Serial Entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience in the Digital/Technology Sector and a sought-after Startup Advisor, Investor and Advisory Board Member.

Chris serves as Executive Director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the Schulich School of Business and also Special Advisor on Entrepreneurship and Innovation to the Office of the President at York University.

Chris is the past President & Co-Founder of ThinData (Canada’s largest email marketing services provider) – acquired by TC Media (Transcontinental) in 2018.

His volunteer work in the non-profit sector includes serving as Chairman of theInternational White Ribbon Campaign and he has been recognized as the Canadian New Media Awards Volunteer (and Employer) of the Year.

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