#opnaskanangel - Choose Mentors Wisely - Keith Loo

#opnaskanangel - Choose Mentors Wisely - Keith Loo

Talk Takeaways
Jeffrey Potvin talks with the “visionary” Keith Loo on his journey as an entrepreneur, investor and mentor. While relatively new in investing, Keith first ventured into angel investing when one of the startups he mentored needed cash. This started the ball rolling and while he might be a little conservative with his investments, for the startups he does invest in, one can expect that more than the money, he puts in his time and energy as well.

The startups he looks for are those who are seeking more than the money. While money is important, Keith believes that founders should also be looking at the breadth of experience an investor can add into the business. He has no particular verticals in mind, he is more interested in the potential scalability of the business and the right market fit.

Keith Loo loves scaling businesses. Regardless if it’s a startup, non-profit, or global corporation – he thoroughly enjoys the full process from ideation, to execution, to massive scale.

He is passionate about developing innovation, transformation, and go-to-market strategies that drive real, tangible impact.

He is also a:

Proficient technical jargon specialist, including but not limited to AI, big data, AR/VR, ML, and NLP
Data & Cloud Computing strategist
Open Source, Open Data, and Open Government advocate
Start-up, Scale-up, and Keep Going enthusiast
Proud Alumnus of the Schulich School of Business
Raptors fan

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