#opnaskanangel - Carlos Torres - Investing in Mexico

#opnaskanangel - Carlos Torres - Investing in Mexico

Talk Takeaways
Carlos Torres de la Cuba, Managing Director of AMG Block, talks with (JP) Jeffery Potvin about his finance background and the huge opportunities for Fintech and Blockchain in the Mexico market.

Carlos Torres is a Managing Director at AMG Block, an early stage Venture Capital fund focused on fintech and blockchain opportunities in Mexico and Latin America.

Experience as a proven finance professional, entrepreneur and executive with experience in the US and Mexico giving him exposure to: venture capital, portfolio management, origination and structuring of transactions, fund raising and company valuations. He has an extensive knowledge in the Mexican and US financial markets.

Industrial engineer with an MBA, Masters in Fintech and Blockchain and post graduate degrees in Venture Capital, Private Equity, fintech and blockchain. He has worked with clients in various industries through strategic analysis, corporate finance, due diligence, valuations, negotiation, project finance, financing strategies, investment projects, credit structuring, among others; providing personalized financial solutions that resulted in cost effective resource and capital allocation.

He is very passionate about blockchain and financial technology as well as developing entrepreneurs, having been on both sides of the table, as an investor and as an entrepreneur.

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