#opnaskanangel - Being honest with your customers - Jade Alberts

#opnaskanangel - Being honest with your customers - Jade Alberts

Talk Takeaways
Jade Alberts, founder of Peer Guidance, joins (JP) Jeffery Potvin to talk about his entrepreneurial and investor journey. He shared how he grew a hotdog brand in Canada and his successful exit thereafter. He also touched on relevant topics such as branding, sales, and finance. Jade also sounds off on the critical role a community, network, and mentor plays in one’s entrepreneurial journey. He also talked about his investment process, and how Peer Guidance helps startups.

I’m an Entrepreneur / Angel Investor / Strategist that Tells It Like It Is.

I’ve had a successful career as a sales Entrepreneur. Yes, I mean Sales Entrepreneur. I was allowed to create my own sales that allowed me to understand growth, margin and profit. This was extremely handy when I became an Entrepreneur. We grew Nathan’s from scratch to an exit in 8 years.

Peer Guidance – Purpose Before Profit guides Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses through their challenges. Focusing on Scale, Growth & Angel Investing

How we help you

Financial Analysis
– Ensure the money you’ve invested is appropriately managed and spent focusing on growth.

– Establish and execute Value Proposition
– Execute a business development plan that accelerates growth
– Online lead generation strategy
– Valuable networks used to open doors
– Plan for company employee expansion

– Investors focused on Alberta based companies
– Looking to invest in early-stage companies that want to scale to invest back in our economy
– Proven investment success

– Develop a plan within your budget that focuses on the growth of your company
– Bottom line focused analytics
– Design and Backend Tech Development support
– Content Creation

My Facebook Live “Telling It Like it Is” Interview every Wednesday 9:30am MST. It’s a 15-minute discussion that shares Small Business Owners’ stories.

Angel Investments – active
Life Supply
Spot Dog Walking
True Angle

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