#opnaskanangel - Angel investor vs . Venture capitalist - Jonathan Hung

#opnaskanangel - Angel investor vs . Venture capitalist - Jonathan Hung

Talk Takeaways
Jonathan Hung, the Managing Partner for Unicorn Ventures and Emmy winner, shares his method of investment and preferred verticals. The importance of a feedback loop for startups and investors and how he has applied this to his own investments. He also shared the key metrics he looks for when investing in pre-seed companies, as well as companies that belong in series A, B, and C.

Jonathan Hung is a transformative venture capital partner who believes in a bright future for businesses seeking to broaden their horizons in North America and Asia. One of the most active angel investors in Southern California, his mission is to drive value creation within each portfolio company. In support of this mission, he serves as Co-Managing Partner at – Unicorn Venture Partners – providing a hands-on approach to supporting companies by offering strategic expertise in operations management, finance, business development, multinational business strategy, entrepreneurship, networking, data analysis, and leadership.

Jonathan and his team target investments in US companies that have global market potential with a focus on long-term growth expansion to East Asian markets.

In addition to providing venture capital funding and advisory support, he also provides business mentorship based on his experience running U.S. and China offices as the President of United Overseas Textile Corporation. Jonathan was also a Managing Member for his family office fund, J Heart Ventures, which made investments in start-up companies such as Gyft, ChowNow, Miso Robotics, Clover Health, Bitmain, etc. He also leverages various degrees from the University of Southern California, London School of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Jonathan believes that every start-up/portfolio company regardless of industry and size can take full advantage of his genuine approach to mentorship. Jonathan specializes in early-stage investing and the formation of strategic business partnerships. He invites connections with any professional who shares his passion for the technology and consumer market sector, entrepreneurship, and venture capital

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