#opnaskanangel - Adding value as an investor - Chris Cunningham

#opnaskanangel - Adding value as an investor - Chris Cunningham

Talk Takeaways
Chris Cunningham, founder of C2 Ventures, reflected on his experience as a founder of multiple companies. He shared his vision for C2 Ventures and his perception on where the venture / business world is heading. He also clarified the common misconceptions on VCs, discussed on the types of mentoring, and dished out practical advices for startups. Chris also shared his investment process and how he likes to build a strong rapport with his founders.

Chris is a 20-year media and tech veteran who is a serial entrepreneur turned early-stage venture capitalist. As an angel investor Chris invested in 18 start-ups, four have sold for cash, and others such as Petal, Narrative, Embrace, Advisr, and Bloom Credit continue to increase in shareholder value.

Chris recently launched a $10MM early-stage venture fund to scale the C2V brand and invest in more companies alongside their investors. C2V’s current portfolio includes Kambr, Magallan.ai, Paladin, Beam, Otari Mats, Boostr, Step One Tech, Rens Originals, Somatic, Blu Tag, Copper, Abode, Armilla ai, and Koffie Labs.

Chris was the CEO and Co-founder of appssavvy a company he started from his Soho apartment in 2006. appssavvy was the industry’s first tech platform that monetized Facebook apps and games through native advertising with fortune 500 brand advertisers. He was also part of the growth story at Webs.com which lead to a $117MM acquisition to Vistaprint.

Chris has been named one of the “Most Important People in Mobile Advertising” by Business Insider, as well as being named an Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist” two years in a row.

He a limited partner in both Bowery Capital and Tech Stars and recently launched the Super Powers Podcast show.

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