#opnaskanangel - Acquisition Should Always Be On the Table - Vosik Shamsiev

#opnaskanangel - Acquisition Should Always Be On the Table - Vosik Shamsiev

Talk Takeaways
Listen to Vosik Shamsiev as he shares great insights on his experience that will resonate to many startups. He discussed the challenges of both external and internal competition, the perspective a consultant can provide, on finding that right spot to position your business, and how acquisition should always be on the table.

Vosik’s piece of advice to startups is to not be rigid and possess the ability to adapt and pivot where the opportunity lies. He also shared his interesting foresights on the investing landscape in the next 36 months.

Vosik Shamsiev was born in Uzbekistan. He moved to Japan to study in 2000 and ended up working there and meeting the love of his life. He has worked for solar companies and semiconductor companies which led him in the venture division. After moving to Canada, he started a private practice in Asset Management.

He speaks 4 languages English, Japanese, Russian and Uzbek.

Core competencies include International sales, venture capital, and business development.

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