Episode 2: Let's Grow With Moin Zafar

Episode 2: Let's Grow With Moin Zafar

Episode 2 of the Digital Introverts podcast features Moin Zafar. He’s a stay-at-home dad, the author of Amazon bestseller “Grow With Your Baby: 7 Lessons on How to Embrace Change and Overcome Your Fears About Losing Your Personal Identity From an Unplanned Pregnancy,” and the host of “The Grow With Moin Podcast.”

Listen to The Grow With Moin Podcast: thegrowwithmoinpodcast.captivate.fm

Purchase Grow With Your Baby: amazon.com/Grow-Your-Baby-Unplanned-Pregnancy/dp/1794396780

Follow The Grow With Moin Podcast on Instagram: instagram.com/thegrowwithmoinpodcast

Follow Moin on Instagram: instagram.com/moinzr

Connect with Moin on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/moin-zafar-632a22109

Connect with Moin on Facebook: facebook.com/moin.zafar.52

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