E3: Justin Howell // Rize Money: How to Innovate in Fin-Tech, Do Finance Founders Build Better Fin-Techs, Scaling in Fin-Tech, Building the AWS for Financial Services

Justin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rize Money.

Rize is building AWS for financial services, offering fintech developers access to all the financial capabilities they need across both banking and brokerage verticals through a single API integration, and providing custodians a complete risk management platform so that they can work with fintechs at scale while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Justin is a dedicated entrepreneur – He Co-founded and worked at several startups in an operating capacity. He acted as an advisor to numerous other early-stage companies, including as an investor and board member.

We discussed transitioning from traditional finance to fin-tech, the 'walls' fin-tech founders have to break through, navigating through compliance in fin-tech, and how Justin and his team at Rize are here to help fin-tech founders build their apps 10 times easier.

0:00 Introduction
1:31 From hedge fund to building in fin-tech
5:32 Do founders from trad. finance build better startups?
6:47 What Rize can do for all fin-tech founders
13:53 Fin-tech infrastructures and why it matters
17:47 Key to success: make complicated things simple
27:59 Are Super-Apps the next big thing in fin-tech?
31:00 Does fin-tech founders need financial backgrounds?
35:41 Growing and scaling Rize in a year
37:34 Building a co-founder team in fin-tech
40:02 Dealing with fin-tech regulations
44:47 Is Fin-Tech becoming more saturated?

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