E2: Darshan Vaidya // XMargin Trading: How to Build and Innovate in Web3, Finding an awesome team in Web3, ICO vs. Not ICO, Which is Better?

Darshan Vaidya is the Founder & CEO at XMargin.

X-Margin is the world's first distributed private credit oracle that can facilitate loans to trading firms at scale without needing to see their sensitive data. This delivers high yields to investors with unparalleled risk management and transparency.

We discussed Darshan's humble journey of coming from traditional finance to starting his own business in web3, the early days of crypto, and what innovating in the web3 space looks like.

Today, X-Margin has already facilitated over $400 million of uncollateralized loans and monitoring on lenders' behalf of around $3 billion of assets.

0:40 The start of the entrepreneurial journey
5:07 Getting into web3 and crypto
9:33 How X-Margin works
17:08 Building an infrastructure company in web3
20:12 Scaling a web3 company
32:51 Finding ideas worth innovating in web3
37:15 Building a team fit for web3
42:19 ICO vs. Not ICO, which one is better?

We discussed everything from building and innovating in web3, how XMargin has facilitated hundreds of millions of dollars of credit transactions to date, and what web3 founders can build in the new world of web3.

We also discussed many topics that are relevant to today's fin-tech and web3 founders, such as how to find ideas worth innovating in web3, how to build a team fit for web3, and whether crypto firms should do ICOs or not.

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