E1: Caleb Avery // Tilled: How to Build in Public, How to Network as a Founder, and What is it Like to Scale A Team from 4 to 40

Caleb Avery is the Founder & CEO at Tilled.

With experience in the payments industry for nearly a decade, Caleb was often asked to help software companies who were looking to monetize their payments. Unable to find a solution that didn’t require his clients to compromise on either technology, user experience, or economics, he decided that he needed his own solution. That led him to build Tilled and create PayFac-as-a-Service.

Tilled’s revolutionary platform allows software companies to enjoy all of the benefits of becoming a PayFac without any upfront investment or ongoing overheads. All while capturing the lion’s share of the economics.

In today’s episode, we will discuss Caleb’s entrepreneurial journey, the early days of building at Tilled. What it means to do founder-led sales and when to hire a sales leader.

This is a great episode of an experienced founder giving a masterclass of how to build and scale a startup company.

Episode timestamp:

0:48 Entrepreneurial journey
3:59 What is Tilled
23:27 Early days at Tilled
29:52 Selling as a founder
37:10 Networking as a founder
38:25 Building in public
44:37 Dealing adversity as a founder
46:47 When to hire a sales leader
50:00 Lessons from scaling Tilled as a startup
59:44 Tilled is hiring, email Caleb at caleb@tilled.com

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