#opnaskanangel -Azam Mohabbatian

#opnaskanangel -Azam Mohabbatian

Talk Takeaways
Azam Mohabbatian shares her journey and learnings in angel investing. For this episode, Azam and Jeffrey touched on various topics on the importance of the startups’ resiliency, cash flow management, the right startup team, product fit, growing sales, the support that you can get from the startup community, and the importance of balancing life when you’re an entrepreneur.

Azam also shared her interesting insights on the investment landscape in the next 36 months.

Azam Mohabatian is a results-driven entrepreneurship and technology professional with proven experience in the areas of business strategy, operations management, and process planning. Proven ability to develop quality products and innovative solutions in alignment with business operations excellence. Known for effective collaboration with key business partners and stakeholders; implementing the business solutions, products, and communication strategies to build cohesion between geographically remote teams. Demonstrated commitment to problem-solving, using attention to detail, creative thinking, and tireless work ethic to overcome challenges.

Some success stories include:

* Realizing expansion into five Latin American countries by listing and prioritizing pain points and challenges and taking corresponding actions.

* Saving $350K in quarterly operating costs by optimizing processes and implementing an automated system to track and evaluate sales team results.

* Maintaining unity and consistency across a geographically remote team by communicating shared goals and setting up a platform, technology, and systems to allow training, monitoring, and evaluation.

Azam feels fortunate to work in an area that lines up with her personal interests. In her spare time she enjoys investigating and reading about new technologies.

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