#6: From College Dropout to CEO of a 31 Person Company at 23 w/ Swish Goswami, Founder & CEO of Trufan

#6: From College Dropout to CEO of a 31 Person Company at 23 w/ Swish Goswami, Founder & CEO of Trufan

Most employees don’t value themselves enough to put in the work they need to achieve their goals. In fact, 80% of employees experience work-related stress and anxiety and depression costs companies over $1T globally every year. But what if you could solve these problems by going to the gym for your mindset? After a degree in commerce with a focus on Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour, Lucy Born hopped on the self-development train. She has also studied Organizational Leadership and Economics. One master’s degree in counseling psychology later, she became a registered psychotherapist and began coaching founders and CEOs. After coaching founders and CEOs for several years, Lucy noticed that many of the people that needed coaching the most were not getting it because it was not accessible or familiar to them. Learning about the problems confronted in corporate environments among employees and understanding the value of coaching, Lucy took the entrepreneurial leap and decided to start Inward to provide accessible coaching services to companies. Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Inward, a one-on-one virtual coaching service that hires the top three percent of coaches with organizational experience. She took something that already exists—coaching—and created a system around it to fit the personalized needs of each company.

What is the PROBLEM that Inward is solving? 80% of employees experience work-related stress or burnout. Anxiety and stress cost the global economy one trillion dollars annually. 1 in 6 people cried to a colleague this year. COVID-19 has aggravated this issue, but benefit programs still remain underutilized in the background. The Problem for Employees: The fear of failure and lack of worthiness are two main areas where employees struggle mentally. When a company’s employees fail to value themselves, own who they are, and believe they are worthy of being helped, it generates a vicious cycle of beating oneself down to force unsustainable growth. The Problem for Companies: Employee engagement is declining and turnover rates are increasing, which means skyrocketing costs for companies. When unassisted, many employees quit and leave, requiring companies to invest excessive capital on hiring and training programs. Moreover, when one employee is

What is Inward’s SOLUTION? Accessible, affordable, and high utility of coaching services provided to companies that they can offer to their employees as a benefit. Inward works with all employees by having them identify their goals & needs (e.g. burnout, healthy habits, role transition, leadership skills, etc.) and then scheduling coaching calls with highly vetted and qualified coaches to help accomplish those goals.

Lucy Born’s LinkedIn Lucy Born’s Instagram Inward’s LinkedIn Inward’s Website Visit inventingthefuture.ai for the full show notes, which includes a full transcription of the conversation, a link to the YouTube Video interview, the top 3 value bombs, people & resources mentioned, and more! This podcast is hosted by Julian Alvarez, the Co-Founder & CTO at Vize and a Software Engineer at Facebook.

Discussed in this episode…
[01:37] Why Lucy became an entrepreneur
[02:53] Inward’s mission and pitch
[05:57] The problem Inward is solving
[11:17] How Lucy discovered the problem
[12:38] Why Lucy built a more scalable solution to the problem
[15:55] Why Lucy was driven to entrepreneurship as a lifestyle
[20:17] Inward’s business model
[27:31] The most common fears or limiting beliefs Lucy has witnessed as an organizational psychologist and how she helps them overcome them
[33:43] Fears, limiting beliefs, doubts, or insecurities Lucy faced when she took the entrepreneurial leap
[38:40] The main challenges of being a female founder and her advice to young female entrepreneurs
[40:30] How Lucy started her startup
[44:10] Leadership principles Lucy has found to be effective
[45:46] Lucy’s productivity hacks for overcoming burnout
[49:44] What being an entrepreneur has taught Lucy about life

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