#4: Improving Lives In Healthcare, Servant Leadership, and Scaling His Company To Over A Thousand People Ft. Axiom CEO & Owner Chance Becnel

#4: Improving Lives In Healthcare, Servant Leadership, and Scaling His Company To Over A Thousand People Ft. Axiom CEO & Owner Chance Becnel

Get up, show up, and lift up. Chance Becnel is the 8-year CEO and Owner of Axiom Healthcare Services, a company that is revolutionizing senior care. They employ over a thousand people and gross $50-60 million annually. By exuding servant leadership, Axiom has thrived since 2008 on a vision of exponential growth. Chance has accumulated 30+ years in management experience and 25+ years in senior care. What is the PROBLEM that Axiom is solving? “How do we provide high-quality, world-class service for seniors in the disease management and sick care space?” Normally, this problem has been institutionalized. “Healthcare” promotes vitality, whereas “sick care” is treating someone that is ill. Despite the reinvestment incentives in disease management, Chance believes personalized prevention is key. Adventuring into other “sand boxes,” Chance has guided his company into the vitality and life span business. By transitioning from sick-care to future-forward healthcare, he’s skating to where the “puck” is going.

3 Value Bombs

Most companies offer solutions for people at the higher parts of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but there are billions of people at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy with underserved needs. Chance thinks there’s a lot of opportunities in coming up with cost-effective solutions that can help these people move up a level in Maslow’s hierarchy.

When you serve others, you are also serving yourself. “It's very powerful what we're capable of getting ourselves to do when our purpose is on a higher level”

If you don’t disrupt yourself someone else will disrupt you. Axiom started off in the sick care area of the healthcare space and even though they have had tremendous success, they are now starting several projects to get into the health vitality space.

In this episode we discuss…

[3:45] Why did Chance decide he wanted to become a CEO?
[7:35] What is Axiom?
[8:54] What is the mission of Axiom?
[15:50] What is the problem that you are aiming to solve?
[25:08] How are you solving these different problems?
[26:19] The importance of culture in Axiom’s success
[32:46] If Axiom was to achieve its ultimate destiny, what do you think the world would look like?
[39:22] Why is culture important and what are the pitfalls of getting it wrong?
[42:42] What is an exponential organization and how do you build one?

People & Resources Mentioned

Peter Diamandis
Steven Kotler
Peter Crone
Scott Barry Kaufman: his newest book, Transcendence, touches on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Salim Ismail & his book, Exponential Organizations
Lean Startup

Chance's LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/chance-c-becnel-51b19a36 Axiom: axmservices.com

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