#028​ - Emily O’Brien // Cons and Kernels

#028​ - Emily O’Brien // Cons and Kernels

Unsuccessful drug mule. Federal prison survivor. Advocate for second chances and founder of Cons and Kernels.  

A former inmate at Kitchener's federal prison, Emily is using a new business as a platform to talk about how easy it is for women to get dragged into the illegal drug trade. Emily O'Brien landed in Grand Valley Institution for Women early in 2018 after she and her partner were caught bringing drugs into the country.  

Popcorn so good, it's criminal.  

We broke the law, but we fix good snacks!  We blend unique ingredients to make compellingly delicious recipes that offer a fresh take on gourmet popcorn, made with conviction.  From outlaws to outreach, spreading the truth one kernel at a time!  

Cons & Kernels believes in second chances, and will provide reintegration opportunities and educate the public through a variety of fun and educational awareness campaigns.

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