E4: Danielle Strachman // 1517 Fund: What is it Like to Build a Community-Driven VC, How to be Comfortable Writing the First Check, Dropping Out vs. Finishing Degree, How VCs can Actually be More 'Helpful'

Danielle is the Co-Founder and General Partner of 1517 Fund. Danielle has worked with young entrepreneurs for about a decade. In 2010, during the founding of the Thiel Fellowship, Danielle joined to lead the design and operations. Danielle has worked with some of the most prestigious founders like Vitalik Buterin

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E3: Justin Howell // Rize Money: How to Innovate in Fin-Tech, Do Finance Founders Build Better Fin-Techs, Scaling in Fin-Tech, Building the AWS for Financial Services

Justin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rize Money. Rize is building AWS for financial services, offering fintech developers access to all the financial capabilities they need across both banking and brokerage verticals through a single API integration, and providing custodians a complete risk management platform so that they can
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E2: Darshan Vaidya // XMargin Trading: How to Build and Innovate in Web3, Finding an awesome team in Web3, ICO vs. Not ICO, Which is Better?

Darshan Vaidya is the Founder & CEO at XMargin. X-Margin is the world's first distributed private credit oracle that can facilitate loans to trading firms at scale without needing to see their sensitive data. This delivers high yields to investors with unparalleled risk management and transparency. We discussed Darshan's humble
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